Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E01 – SCP-682

Crocodile Eye
Photo by Angelo_Giordano on Pixabay
Photo by Angelo_Giordano on Pixabay

Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the first episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-682, a right feisty croc’.

A metal catwalk with handrails overlooks a large containment cell. Slow breathing can be heard in the distance.

STEVE IRWIN: This isn’t a normal containment cell. It’s a containment chamber.


A creature is being prepared for firing by a pair of guards. Their hands are outstretched with a pistol as the creature’s tail moves to the edge of the cell, its head turning up to face them.

STEVE IRWIN: Oh god, we have to get it out, before it takes us all the way down here. But why? What is that thing? Oh my God. We can’t leave it here. If we can take any more of this shit, we’ll never get out!

This is Steve Irwin. Please help me.


The first two guards have begun firing their pistols into each other. But before they can aim, they are struck by an explosive bolt of light, and a small chunk of flesh falls away, dropping to the ground next to them.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Oh god, oh god, oh god! I could feel the bullet through my skull!


Two guards and a female guard emerge from the elevator and look around. They both move forward without looking at the camera, moving forward towards the open doors. A second group, armed with a large pistol and armed to the teeth, enters the room behind them, closing in on the other two guards.