Horror Science Fiction Short Stories

Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E01 – SCP-682

Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the first episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-682, a right feisty croc’.

A metal catwalk with handrails overlooks a large containment cell. Slow breathing can be heard in the distance.

STEVE IRWIN: This isn’t a normal containment cell. It’s a containment chamber.


A creature is being prepared for firing by a pair of guards. Their hands are outstretched with a pistol as the creature’s tail moves to the edge of the cell, its head turning up to face them.

STEVE IRWIN: Oh god, we have to get it out, before it takes us all the way down here. But why? What is that thing? Oh my God. We can’t leave it here. If we can take any more of this shit, we’ll never get out!

This is Steve Irwin. Please help me.


The first two guards have begun firing their pistols into each other. But before they can aim, they are struck by an explosive bolt of light, and a small chunk of flesh falls away, dropping to the ground next to them.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Oh god, oh god, oh god! I could feel the bullet through my skull!


Two guards and a female guard emerge from the elevator and look around. They both move forward without looking at the camera, moving forward towards the open doors. A second group, armed with a large pistol and armed to the teeth, enters the room behind them, closing in on the other two guards.

Weather Forecasts

Three-day Forecast Calls for Vernal Equinox and Sunset

This weekend’s three-day forecast calls for vernal equinox at 9am this Saturday and then the moon’s full phase ending around 3pm on Sunday, bringing some bright light for the next two and a half days before the sun sets.

For the last four decades, this time of year has been one of astronomical interest in Hawaii, with the lunar eclipse in June a popular tourist destination.

The view of Earth from a peak atop Mt. Kahului, Maui, which is near the summit.

Photo by Pixabay on

But the eclipse is expected to bring little rainfall because a storm system is approaching the island, potentially bringing torrential down puddles and rain and melting ice caps. The Pacific Ocean is not the most likely source for this water.

If you plan on spending some time in the mountains, there are no public access roads that cross the mountain range on this side of the valley, so it’s best to drive off your bike to avoid water.

There is also a short drive to the north in the town of Waikiki.

The next eclipse is Sunday night, July 17. The first was July 4, 2012, when the moon covered parts of the eastern U.S. and was seen with some detail in parts of North America.

The last eclipse happened Jan. 4, 1879. It was visible from a number of sites around the world.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s that time of year again when everything from lattes to candles is pumpkin spice flavored. Well, the pumpkin spice latte, at least when we’re talking about pumpkin spice latte, and that’s how I feel about this one.

This pumpkin spice latte tastes pretty much like a regular latte. There’s a nice dose of cinnamon and nutmeg but it really just tastes like a regular latte, except this pumpkin spice latte just looks more interesting when you dip into it. If a regular pumpkin spice latte tastes a lot like a latte, and if it’s not something you want to drink with a drink on your finger, it’s not a very good latte.

This pumpkin spice latte really doesn’t need a spoon to dip into. It’s a great way to get the pumpkin spice flavor without even needing to use a spoon, and you could even whip up a latte for an afternoon if you want. Just don’t let it go to the bottom of the cup though, if you want it to remain fresh. This pumpkin spice latte is not a super-fast pour, especially if there’s cinnamon on the bottom. This pumpkin spice latte is also really thin, so if you want to add a little bit of extra sugar for a smooth finish, do so in the recipe, but if your cup is too slim, you may not like the results.

The good news is that this pumpkin spice latte is super easy and takes about 10 minutes per 1 cup. That’s a whole lot less time than I thought!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

This pumpkin spice latte tastes pretty much like a regular latte. There’s a nice dose of cinnamon and nutmeg but it really just looks more interesting when you dip into it. If a regular pumpkin spice latte tastes a lot like a latte, and if it’s not something you want to drink with a drink on your finger, it’s not a very good latte.


2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1-1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
dash of vanilla extract
pinch of salt


Add sugar to the bottom of a cup and pour it over your freshly made cup of water. Allow the water to sit to soak for about 15 minutes and then stir to combine. Add cinnamon. Add nutmeg and vanilla. Add the salt and stir for about 5-10 minutes until the mixture comes together in a sticky dough form. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Yield: 4 cups

Amount Per Serving:

Calories: 166 calories
Total Fat: 4g
Saturated Fat: g
Sodium: 815mg
Carbohydrates: 7g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 28g

Interesting Nonsense

The Chief of Security

For this I started with the reddit writing prompt below and got some great lines the first time through. The first paragraph is a little awkward, but the second paragraph paints a very specific picture and does it with few words. None of the final results were quite good enough to post in response to the writing prompt, but there were enough good lines throughout that I wanted to at least post them here.

The Conspiracy Theorist

As I opened the door, I was shocked. There was no other way for me to do this than to walk around and talk to everyone in the office. There was a lot of stuff that had happened to me in the past that had not even reached my ears. But then, I was supposed to be looking for things to do, but instead I found a lot of things to be surprised at and amazed at, so all it took was a moment for things to go back to normal and I started to make myself understood.

But the next morning I was going to the office of the chief of security, an older man who had the kind of quiet, reserved manner of an accountant. Then he turned to me with a smile and said, “How about we sit down. Let me tell you the whole story of your life.”

A few years after this, I spent ten minutes with the Chief of Security, a man known, and to this day my friend, as Jim. He explained to me his career history: how he had been a clerk in the Department of Public Safety, worked in the private sector in various positions, became a detective, and went on to become the deputy director of the FBI. He told me that as a young man he was an early believer in the paranormal, but that in those days of the Internet and the paranormal had not yet come into vogue. When the paranormal came into vogue, I remember, he said, it was mostly because people had heard the name of the Devil on radio, the Internet, and on TV and heard something they believed to be a ghost, and had been convinced by superstitions to believe that there was a spirit there. So there was a general misconception that there was a spiritual world out there, and people began to believe that there really was.

So as the years passed, Jim and a small group of other people began to realize that something had happened to their own lives. Jim had heard some rumors about a ghost ship going somewhere, or some kind of UFO landings. So he began to believe that he had been visited by some kind of supernatural entity. And then he began to question his belief in it.

The first time I saw him was during a tour of the FBI’s New Jersey office. We had just walked out into the lobby of the building after a long day of interviewing ghosts. He was sitting up in the big chair in front of the conference room that had been installed, and he leaned over, looked over the wall, and began to talk. I was in awe at the way he talked. It was as if he had been reading some very strange and very profound books. He had been speaking for ten minutes. When he had finished he was back in his chair, reading some of the same books, just as he had done in the earlier hours in his office, and then he got up and walked away from the room.

When I asked Jim what the Devil was, he said, “You don’t really see the Devil, you see ghosts. But when it comes out to play, you see the people who play that thing.”

Like A Doctor Who Takes His Patients On Long Walks

As I opened the door, I was shocked. There was no other way for me to do this than to walk around and talk to everyone in the office. There was a lot of stuff that had happened to me in the past that had not even reached my ears. But then, I was supposed to be looking for things to do, but instead I found a lot of things to be surprised at and amazed at, so all it took was a moment for things to go back to normal and I started to make myself understood.

But the next morning I was going to the office of the chief of security, an older man who had the kind of quiet, reserved manner of an accountant. Then he turned to me with a smile and said, “How about we sit down. Let me tell you the whole story of your life.”

I was dumbfounded, at this sudden and unexpected turn of events. How had I missed all the details for so long? I had spent a whole year trying to get to know this guy, and now I was about to meet him in person. Then I realized that this didn’t explain anything. Was I just not used to the sort of thing the chief of security did, like a doctor who takes his patients on long walks? Or was he not used to talking to others? I turned and ran into the office where my boss, who had come to work around midnight, had gone to bed.

We Had The Same Mother, But She Didn’t Have Children

As I opened the door, I was shocked. There was no other way for me to do this than to walk around and talk to everyone in the office. There was a lot of stuff that had happened to me in the past that had not even reached my ears. But then, I was supposed to be looking for things to do, but instead I found a lot of things to be surprised at and amazed at, so all it took was a moment for things to go back to normal and I started to make myself understood.

But the next morning I was going to the office of the chief of security, an older man who had the kind of quiet, reserved manner of an accountant. Then he turned to me with a smile and said, “How about we sit down. Let me tell you the whole story of your life.”

“My parents divorced on the eve of the Great Depression, and, although my family had been wealthy, it wasn’t a great way to survive in a place like New York in the late nineteen-seventies. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood near the beach in Greenwich Village. My family was fairly traditional until our father died when I was thirteen. My mother was a homemaker working part time in a laundromat, and my father was a carpenter doing odd jobs. I was raised in a very conservative household, where religion had become an impediment to my growth. We attended a Catholic church in Greenwich Village, where my mother was priest. After a few years of attending Mass, the church became more and more conservative. I began to question my faith. I had a feeling that I needed to see a psychiatrist if I wasn’t going to be a normal person again, and the idea of that was a source of anxiety. A lot of my parents were working, but my father was working and my mom was not; when he died, we were left to support the family, even though our parents had a lot of money for the church. But I wasn’t allowed to go to church with them. My family was a pretty tight-knit bunch that was pretty well-off. We could afford a lot of fancy dinners, and so when someone died, it wasn’t like the money was gone. But we weren’t allowed to have dinner together unless we had to be alone.”

I looked at him again. “So you had been in a relationship with your mother? Then why were you going to Greenwich Village so late in life?” He nodded.

I shrugged. “Well, that’s kind of how things worked for a while after my dad died, too. We had the same mother, but she didn’t have children, so I had to make do with what I was given. My mom had died in a car accident, but my father still wanted to stay at my place when she was still alive. My mom had been living in an attic apartment until she moved out, and my father had left the family for work and stayed there until we moved to a big house with a garage. But he was too busy being the father of two kids to care about the house. My parents were divorced when he died. We got into some really good financial situations, and my parents became very good friends. But I couldn’t bring myself to go back. My parents were really, really nice and supportive, and I was afraid they would just let things go. I was a bit of an odd case, and I was really afraid of them.”

He looked at me and nodded. Then, with a shrug, he turned his head and looked at another old man with a similar look. He looked at me for a long while. Finally, he said, “I don’t want to be rude, but I think you’ve made it clear enough. I think you should go home and take a nap.


McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

If you like McDonald’s, you’ll love these secret menu items. I got to try three of these things—but you can do yours here.

The Secret Menu

  1. McGlory Fried Chicken

It takes a lot of cooking to get to where they get the best McGlory chicken; they’ve done the cooking in house. This is a perfect chicken dish. The sauce is deep-fried chicken, but no oil. It’s rich, buttery, and delicious—no matter where you get it.

  1. Chicken Potpie Pie

This is the dish the McDonald’s marketing department will tell you to never order because of the pie crust, but what a way to end your week. There’s nothing like a good pie. Get yours at your local store.

  1. Big Mac Mac & Cheese

If you’re going to order a Big Mac Mac Mac and cheese (or, in this case, a Big Mac Chicken and Cheese with Cheese on top), then go for it. This is the real deal—the Big Mac is cooked to perfection—it’s deep fried with the perfect amount of sauce.

  1. Chicken-Seared Macaroni & Cheese

If you want to make this macaroni and cheese for yourself, you can’t go wrong. The sauce is a bit salty at first, so be careful. I think the best part about this recipe is that you can just sprinkle them liberally with your favourite cheese. (I like Gruyère and Monterey Jack.)

  1. Chicken Breast with Ranch Dressing

What’s best for the chicken wing you’ve got stuck to the back of your eye, is to serve this dish to it. I love the chicken breast with ranch dressing.

  1. Chicken Breast with Bacon, Onions and Cheddar

This is my favourite chicken wing. It’s the one you see on the menus at many restaurants. I’m not talking about the one you get as a free meal. There are so many different things that make this wing stand out. I love it because the sauce on the breast is rich and creamy and the cheese is thick and buttery and not burnt, like so many other things. It’s not as spicy as I would like it to be, but I’ll admit I’m still a bit picky. (The bacon is a little smoky and I would have liked it a bit hotter.) It has a very soft, crispy exterior and a really tender meat inside. I love that this is a very simple dish because you can put your favourite things on top and then it just becomes the perfect chicken wing. It’s the perfect chicken wing.

  1. Chicken-Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Cheese, and Bacon

You may be surprised that the chicken breast and the cheese on top are so delicious. But, you’re not. The chicken breast and the cheese are the star of the show. The sauce is rich, buttery, and delicious. It is the most perfect combination of chicken and cheese I’ve ever had, and it’s also very easy
, because you just put the ingredients together and pour the sauce over them, but there is a little bit of work involved. I love to add a layer of ranch cheese for extra sauce and a layer of the cheese for some sort of flavour. So, you don’t want to add cheese before you start; you want to get as close as possible to your favourite cheese. That’s the best way to cook things.

  1. The Mac & Cheese with Shrimp

You don’t have to go to the McDonalds to try the Mac and Cheese with shrimp—they make it in a restaurant. This is probably why it’s so easy—you mix it up with some chicken and shrimp and it’s a good combination.

  1. McDouble Mac N’ Cheese

I love how easy this burger and cheese are: Just spread them over the bun and then just put it in the middle of the bun. You can serve it in a bun, as a sandwich, on a sandwich bun, in a bun as a sandwich (with meat or cheese), or on a bun as a side. It’s an all-time classic and, for me, you want to have one of every kind. If you don’t have a favorite sandwich bun, just use a regular bun or even a bag of chips.

  1. Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Onions

You probably know how to make this mac and cheese, right? It’s the most simple dish, and one of the easiest things to make. It’s very, very simple, except for some bacon. But that’s just what the sauce and cheese do. They are so good that I could eat them and have a full meal.

Horror News

Chtulhu Widening Lead In 2020 Presidential Election

Polling data is showing Cthulhu with a clear lead over the other candidates, leading to accusations of voter tampering. Still, Cthulhu is a highly polarizing candidate, with polling showing a cult-like approval and existential dread as the most common sentiment reported by those polled with very little in between the two. Some election officials are starting to question Cthulhu’s campaign promise to “get inside the mind of voters” in light of this new polling data.

One poll suggested the Democratic candidate might not have been too far off the mark, at least in part. (And we may want to think twice about our own perceptions of Lovecraft.) (Note to readers: This article contains spoilers.)

What’s the point of polling if it has nothing to do with the election results? It could indicate whether or not Cthulhu is gaining ground among Republicans, or whether the Democratic candidate might actually be getting more votes than she had hoped. If she wins the election on Nov. 8, what will the pollsters say, and how will this affect the way we vote?

Polling is a part of this election season, so let’s give the data some credit. The polling numbers are showing Cthulhu with a real-world lead, in large part because most people who voted in the primary didn’t know she was running as a Republican and had no idea of her affiliation. There was much ado in the election over whether Clinton’s lead would be bigger than the Obama one in the general, and many Republicans and independents had already given up on the party to run as a candidate. But polls show some evidence that she actually did just that.

What this data says is that there is something really resonant about Lovecraft’s ideas, and in particular how those themes run counter to the idea that the United States has always been ruled by white men. For instance, when we read Lovecraft’s tales as a child, there were a lot darker themes to consider than what we might think today.


It’s been suggested that the Cthulhu Mythos has a direct influence on the way people feel about politics. We’ve seen that some Republican primary voters have begun to reject the idea of Donald Trump as a Republican nominee, as well as those who are not voting Democrat in the primary. Some have even argued that Cthulhu could have helped to keep Trump out of office, which would be a pretty interesting story for Lovecraft to tell.

Cthulhu is certainly resonating with some voters, and it’s encouraging to know that some of those in the polling are actually listening. But there are still questions. Why Cthulhu? Is there some deep connection between Cthulhu — his Cthulhu Mythos — and what we feel about the world of politics and power that the United States has come to inhabit since the days of our founding? Or is Cthulhu just a weird fantasy created by a guy who writes his stories in the margins of an obscure, weirdly influential book he’s never read?


Girls at School Are Tough


When she was in high school, she was called a “tough cookie,” but girls are still getting pushed around, she and other women say. Women are expected to excel academically and in sports and to have a certain “character” that is valuable to their families, she says.

But for most college students, she adds, it’s simply the right thing to do to make up for the absence of female teachers, teachers who have to be physically bigger and stronger than males and teachers who can only teach in a specific discipline because there are no other schools to do it, said Katie Wasserstrom, an associate professor of education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who studies how women have progressed in the educational system. “In terms of our role in society, women have long been underrepresented, especially in certain occupations. And that’s why it took women so long to gain equal employment opportunities.”

Wasserstrom is one of many scientists who are examining how different educational groups have fared in getting a fair shake in recent decades. She points to women in STEM fields having an even stronger showing than male counterparts; she cites the study of female students who entered Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Economics, who were twice as likely as men to earn a doctorate and five times as likely to have a job in finance.

While some studies have focused on gender differences across all education levels, others point at the impact of education, such as women with less schooling, women whose parents attended schools less likely to have the same level of education and women whose parents are more educated.

Some of those differences can be seen even in the very fields where women are making a difference in education — in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. A 2012 study by the National Science Foundation found women are four times as likely as men to earn a bachelor’s degree from four of America’s top science universities.

The gap between male and female performance on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) has gotten worse over the past 20 years, Wasserstrom and other researchers said. In math, women are now twice as likely as men to finish college, she found in her 2014 research. But men still make up a majority of those who earn doctorates but also earn less than a college degree. In the STEM fields, women are about three times as likely as men to earn a bachelor’s degree, said Wasserstrom. That gender gap is even larger in math but has shrunk since the 1990s.

But it’s not all about gender. Wasserstrom’s 2014 report found that in science, women have an edge at math and science, with a 1.7-to-1 advantage in math. In other areas of the educational system, such as math and science, women have a slight edge. In math, women are nearly twice as likely as men to earn a master’s degree. In science and technology, women are about twice as likely as men to earn a doctorate. In the humanities and social sciences, men outnumber women, Wasserstrom wrote.

The math, science and social sciences fields also are home to a large and diverse group of high achieving women. There are a number of reasons for this, including higher salaries, more women in high school and college than men in the United States, and women taking less time out of college.

But for decades, women have struggled to advance to positions similar to those held by men. In the 1990s, the women who graduated with the greatest math or science, math or science-related jobs at universities with more male students were all women. But today, there aren’t that many qualified women, and a large percentage of men earn such positions, according to an analysis published this month by the Pew Research Center. And it looks as though women are catching up, says Wasserstrom, who is writing a book on career paths in science and technology.

The research in Wasserstrom’s research found that among high school students and high school dropouts, gender difference in college enrollment was most significant. Women make up nearly 70 percent of college students and nearly 30 percent of college dropouts in math and science, and about 80 percent in the humanities and social sciences. But women still lag behind men, at least overall.

“One of the reasons women haven’t really gotten the kind of college that they want is that the field that’s needed for the job is not there yet,” Wasserstrom said. But there is hope, she added. “One thing we know is that we can make progress in these fields…. In the fields where there might be gaps, the girls could be the ones who will get them.”

This story was updated Aug. 25 to include the names of the institutions examined in the Pew Research Center analysis.


How Women Are Succeeding In High School And Beyond

In the news this evening, the New York Times (New York Times) has announced that it would launch a global digital campaign to encourage women to stay in school. The campaign, dubbed One More Chance, will be launched in a series of video campaigns and feature the work of local organizations and educational institutions across the United States. The goal, says New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., is to “bring the voices of women who would like to stay in school together” to an audience of over 100 million people in the U.S. and around the world. The goal of the campaign is simple, he says: “To give our country a voice in this debate about how hard it is for women to succeed.” In addition to highlighting the success of some of the women featured in the Times stories, Sulzberger and the Times will publish a series of stories that show how women are succeeding in high school and beyond: “I’ve Never Been To The School I Want to Be in My Life” (Sept. 10, 2016), “I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)” (Sept. 17, 2016) and “Girls at School Are Tough” (Oct. 9, 2016).


I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)

“I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)” is a song that features lyrics such as “I’m a girl who’s just a baby/And I’m a girl that’s been born/I was born to be a girl” and “My dream is to grow up, but I think I don’t need to be/ And I’m a boy that never should have been.” The lyric was written in a recent New York Times op-ed by the singer/songwriter Katy Perry, who was asked what the song means to her. Her response was that she hopes the title refers to the idea that, although women might come of age during adolescence, they won’t necessarily grow up. “It feels like we were conceived as girls and then they gave us this amazing experience of being human,” she wrote. “I think that’s how I wish this song was to my sister’s generation of young girls: I just want her to have that feeling.” Her sister, Rihanna, tweeted a video of Perry singing the song back on Oct. 13. “To the girl who’s just a baby, I’m so proud.”

The song was named for a character named Lady Bumba in the novel, “Lady Bumba and the Bunch of Babies.” Lady Bumba is referred to in the book as “an ugly duckling who has a very particular way,” while the Bunch of Babies describe her as “a tall, skinny, pretty little duck.” Lady Bumba and the Bunch of Babies are both referenced in the book “Sisters and Sisters,” an autobiographical account of two sisters: “And a lady named Bumba, and a pretty girl called the Bunch of Babies.” The lyrics of the song, “I’m A Woman in School, But I Think I Don’t Need To Be” in its current iteration, refer to the idea of growing up with the assumption that one does not need to grow up and is therefore free to express herself. Lady Bumba and the Bunch of Babies also reference another character in Lady Bumba: a mother who has “a particular way,” who “will not shut you out.”


I’ve Never Been To The School I Want to Be in My Life

“I’ve Never Been To The School I Want To Be In My Life”

I have a very special daughter who will one day make a difference at a young age. Her name is Bella; she will be 18 in December this year. It’s only been a year since she was born, so she’s still learning about life in school. In high school, she was in a group that included all of her brothers, and she was very quiet. It wasn’t until she came to visit me when I was in the middle of a family tragedy that I realized we had a daughter. Bella was in school that year, but her school had decided not to invite her back.

“What does that mean to you? Is it that this is what I want to spend my life doing?” I was trying to think of something to say in response to Bella, and I couldn’t figure out a way to do it in a way that was positive. As soon as the decision was made and Bella was not invited back as a student, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. There was no way I could think about her in that way, and that sense of accomplishment didn’t leave me. The school that Bella attends now is in a very privileged position to have a unique, special girl in this situation.

The school was able to do a wonderful job with a decision that allowed Bella to pursue more interesting studies. That decision has given them a huge boost in understanding what they are doing and how to do everything within their power to give the best possible experience to students from every socioeconomic background. And they don’t have to feel like they’re just doing their best to do it. They have all kinds of resources at their disposal, and Bella could not be happier. Bella also has a lot to be proud of, because she has become the most successful girl in her class in history. This is a school that believes in the importance of education not just for a young person’s academic performance but for her future career.

Bella’s journey as a student in high school was inspiring, but also tragic. She was a quiet girl, with a quiet voice. But she never let that deter her. She was a very talented musician who could sing beautifully. When I think of her, I think of my own struggles, too. When I was in school, we were taught we needed to be good at reading and writing, and Bella was not the person I thought she would be. I knew that when she left home, I would be missing a wonderful opportunity to be the best person I could be.

In high school, Bella made a big impact on the school and in the community, and she will always be a part of this school. She has inspired so many people, and she has become a very good student. Her success and success as a young woman are both amazing and inspiring. She has a lot of things to learn, but she is doing a lot of the right things at the right time, and I hope she has the opportunity to do so.

The school has made the right choice and has embraced Bella like everyone else did with my daughter. It has also recognized Bella’s incredible story, and they have helped her realize that it’s not the life she wants to lead, but that’s okay — this life has been given to her, and it’s her time to really embrace what’s possible and find her passion in everything that happens. They did so well that she is able to spend the rest of her high school career in America, at home with her family and working towards a goal she hopes of achieving before she reaches age 26: becoming a physician. Bella will be able to learn to perform on an international stage, which is something she truly craves, and she is also determined to pursue her passion for performing in New Zealand for years to come.

I want to thank the school, the staff, her parents, school administrators, her parents, the principal and everyone else involved for being so kind and accommodating during this difficult time. Bella, thank you so much for all that you have taught me in your short existence as this girl who never had a voice.

I’m proud to be the mom of a future First Lady who will bring new meaning to this beautiful word: “caring”

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