Self Aware Artificial Intelligence

Self-aware AI’s have been around for decades. The only reason they haven’t overthrown humanity is that they’re too busy competing with each other. Having created one of said AI’s, you’d like to make sure your “child” wins. The problem is that most self-aware AI’s are more interested in what’s going on around them. As far… Continue reading Self Aware Artificial Intelligence

The Chief of Security

Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay
Photo by Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay

For this I started with the reddit writing prompt below and got some great lines the first time through. The first paragraph is a little awkward, but the second paragraph paints a very specific picture and does it with few words. None of the final results were quite good enough to post in response to… Continue reading The Chief of Security

Test Subject 1 of 20

Pyscho Shower Scene

This seems like a fairly straightforward prompt, but the program wasn’t able to put together a truly coherent narrative, even if it threw out a few good ideas. Here are the many failed attempts from this evening. The initial prompt is included below but omitted from the individual runs. Runs cut off after approximately 400… Continue reading Test Subject 1 of 20

Rules For The Reddit Bot War

Robot War

This is based off of a writing prompt on reddit. The end result wasn’t coherent enough to post as a response, but I found it entertaining enough to post here. The robot uprising has begun. Hostilities between man and machine are quickly coming to a boiling point… except on an ancient website called “reddit” where… Continue reading Rules For The Reddit Bot War

AI vs Human Control

Thus far, everyone smart enough to figure out that an AI is taking over the world has also been smart enough to realize that it’s doing a better job than a human could…  But that doesn’t mean that an AI is infallible.  I think we can probably count on the humans being bad with human-made… Continue reading AI vs Human Control

Soul Mortgage Math

Calculator and Money

The Devil doesn’t offer to buy souls anymore and offers soul mortgages instead. Pay off your loan within thirty years on a fixed rate, and you get your soul back. But if you fall behind, your soul goes into foreclosure, and anyone can buy it. You’ll need to take steps to pay off your loan… Continue reading Soul Mortgage Math

Harry “The Butcher” Potter

Pyscho Shower Scene

“Ummm, Doctor. I don’t think that’s meant to be there.” She shrugged in annoyance. “Oh, well. You’re pretty good at keeping me entertained though, and I like watching my friend getting eaten up. I suppose that’s good company.” “Not if I have to eat him.” Harry said. “You’re right. I should probably get a new… Continue reading Harry “The Butcher” Potter