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The Thirty-Eight Little Pigs

And the wolf went to the 38th little pig who had built his house out of strontium. And the wolf was all, “Okay, what is with this shit?!”

The pig said: “Well it’s just strontium.”

And the wolf said: “It is! And the first question is: is this strontium really necessary?”

And the pig asked: “Why not?”

And the wolf was all, “Well, fuck you and your shitty shit.” A little later, when the wolf had eaten the pig, his mind was full of questions. So he started to drink some more strontium.

In a lot of respects, that pig had been right: the strontium-39 had been necessary. And the wolf drank more strontium. And there were no more questions.

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Horror Science Fiction Short Stories

Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E02 – SCP-098


Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the second episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-098, a clever little crusty.

ALFRED VERNAC: A pleasure to meet you. Now, when I say clever, there’s no such thing as a smart crustacean. But this one really is clever.

[A large specimen of SCP-098 approaches Steve.]

SCP-098: Hey, you wanna have lunch? This is good food.

ALFRED VERNAC: This doesn’t seem like an especially wise idea.

STEVE IRWIN: I think you’re correct. [He stands up.] I was thinking the same thing, too. In fact, I think we’re in a lot of trouble. In fact, I think we are at a serious disadvantage. And that’s a problem. We’re going to be surrounded by crustaceans, which will be very dangerous.

SCP-098: I know. I know. We’re all in this together. It’s just not what I’m used to eating.

[SCP-098 and an entourage of smaller specimens approach with the intention of entering the dining hall.]

SCP-098: Hello and welcome to a meeting with the largest, fastest crustacean in the world. This one is called SCP-098.

ALFRED VERNAC: I’m just going to leave you and these gentlemen alone to eat. And then maybe, if you keep your cool, we can talk about what we’re doing here.

[ALFRED VERNAC exits. Steve stands, looking slightly worried.]

STEVE IRWIN: Well, uh…

SCP-098: Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! SCP-098! Come on, come on! Come on! Come on! Crikey! Come on! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Come on, come on, come on! Go away! Don’t move, come on! Crikey! Let’s go! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Crikey! Come on, come on, go away! Come on! Crikey! Come on, come on, just move away! Come on, come on, come on, Crikey! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey!! Crikey! Crikey!

Horror Short Stories

One Bright Day, In the Middle of the Night, I Go

You and your friend go out one day. He disappears in the dark forest near the river, you stay there for what feels like an eternity looking for him. Turns out you’re the one who died.

The next night, the sun rises high again, the moon sets again, and your body is no longer moving. It’s just a pile of bones and grasses in the grassy plain beneath the mountains. The moon is gone forever, and you don’t have anything left. Only the memory of what happened.

You walk slowly towards the valley, the only real light coming from an eerie light source in the hills. It has a weird, unsettling quality to it – almost alien. It feels like a vision, like something real, but somehow, you don’t really believe it. You’re never going to be able to trust any of your illusions again.

You don’t want to go any further. You know this. It’s not the first time you’ve been forced to face your mortality, but you feel like it was the last. You can’t deny that it is painful, you know. When you wake in the morning and the memories are clear and you’ve got all that stuff back, it is worse than just being dead. It is like you lost something more than anything else; you lost everything.

Photo by Comfreak on Pixabay

In the forest, the sun is up again, and the moon is not so bright in the sky. So, you go out again. But this time, it is cold, the sun goes down, and you just don’t know where you are anymore.

You think back to last night. And it doesn’t seem quite as bad anymore – until you open your eyes again. The darkness is coming back, slowly, but surely. The sun doesn’t rise again until the next day, but your eyes are still blinded by light that has long since passed by.

The next morning you wake up to an eerie feeling in your body, but the memory of the last night lingers. You don’t dare look down to look. A faint trickle of blood runs down your neck, and you can feel your pulse pounding on your skin.

After a few days it dawns on you, the reason why so many of your friends have died in the past was because you didn’t want to.

There are no signs of your friend. You’ve been buried in the graveyard so much your body is covered in bones. But that doesn’t make it anything special.

But you keep wondering where the rest of your friends are.

You had a chance.

Short Stories

Interdictum Mundum

“So, wizards and heavy armor divisions, what can go wrong?”

Just as they were about to begin their charge forward, the distinct sound of a teleportation could be heard. A group of soldiers rushed towards the noise, but were stopped in their tracks by a shout of “Interdictum Utique Tempus”. An elaborately decorated scroll hung in the air, somehow blocking the approach of the soldiers.

The Lieutenant was dumbfounded as a short man in a business suit carrying a briefcase walked up the path towards his group. A closer look at his suit revealed what appeared to be rank insignia. “Combat Barrister First Class Stewart, here on the orders of Her Royal Highness.”

The Lieutenant cursed under his breath. He had heard rumors of these battle lawyers but had not encountered them in person before. “And so?” the Lieutenant inquired. “What exactly are we here for?”

He felt it was time to make something of the situation. It had been a long journey for him, having to battle some of the greatest wizard clans he had ever known, and a large part of that had come from learning what it meant to be a warrior in the wizarding world. His first thought was simply to stay put and allow his forces to advance until reinforcements were arrived.

Stewart gave a quick, but pointed look over his shoulder. “They have been working against the Ministry for years.” The Lieutenant paused for a moment and wondered what he had learned.

“You do realize that this is a very serious matter?”

“What we’re here for now is an interdict. We are here to destroy what the Ministry believes to be the most lethal magical weapon in the wizarding world, the Interdictum Mundum. It is being prepared by the Ministry to be used by a select few individuals at the end of this war.” The Lieutenant smiled at the idea in his mind until his voice turned to a low rasp. “I am grateful that my superiors, the Ministry, were willing to share it with me.”

“You do realize that this is a very serious matter?”

“Indeed,” the Lieutenant replied evenly. “They have come to a very obvious conclusion though – this is the right decision, and I trust that whatever happens, it will not be one that will cost us anything else in the short term.”

“For some reason,” Stewart said quickly, “they are not all that interested in a proper trial, not this time. Not after their first appearance at our camp.” A smile spread across the lieutenant. He had been right; this was an attempt to force the Ministry to give him access to more data before he could make a decision.

“I would imagine that you know this,” the lieutenant asked. “Why are you going into the middle of this? Are things going to be so complicated from here?”

Steward made a mental note of this. Even the best of us might not know the full extent of what was going on around the war. He had known the Ministry would not make a stand unless there was an immediate and definite threat on offer, and that they would use every means at their disposal to make sure that was not the case.

“The problem is that the Ministry are in a tight spot. They are facing a large, powerful enemy, something that they can neither defeat easily nor win easily.” “It is not sufficient to simply send more powerful wizards against the Interdictum Mundum, for you see it is not merely a magic weapon, it is a magic contract… and I found the loophole.”

Horror Short Stories

Mors Ex Machina

The grim reaper has been outdated for hundreds of years. Sure, people still die, but it’s automated now. You’ve enjoyed eternal retirement, but one day you’re told that the machine has been sabotaged. It might be time for death to get old school.

The first person was a middle-aged woman who was now in her late thirties. She had a dark red eye patch, and a scar on her upper right thigh from an elbow injury the machines had inflicted. Her shirt was torn open and open again. Death would have taken her long ago were it not for her efforts to disable the machinery of Death. She’d gone into the room and removed some equipment, and she’d gone back into hiding when she heard the scream of the machine.

Photo by Pavlofox on Pixabay

She had been too late, however. The machine had been hacked away the moment she’d stepped foot inside the room. It had begun to scream, and the screams and screams of people nearby were coming in from all directions; they were all deafened in their ears by the noise. They were all now screaming at each other, in horror, in confusion. The machines were no longer the problem. They were a mere secondary concern.

The second person was younger and darker, and was still a bit of a wizened old woman. She had a short silver-brown hair pulled into a loose bun at her shoulders, and the edges of her eye patch were missing. She was dressed in the same pale green clothing as her counterpart, and had a similar eye patch. Her skin was still a little pale, but most of what came down her back had not been removed. Her face was still a few shades too pale, the corners of her eyes still puckered. The edges of her mouth had been cut off.

She had looked as if she had come out from some deep dark space in time that was not this place. There had been a hint of a certain menace behind the grim reaper, a sense that she was the one who had done this, and the screams of those around her echoed this sense of dread. She had not noticed this, and so it was not until the screams stopped that she realized that the scream hadn’t come from a dead person. She had broken Death, and now she was back to summon the Reaper to fix it.

She had no intention of coming out of this alive, though. She would take her own life with her. There would be no more screaming, and nobody could hear her if she did, and she had no need for the Reaper anyway. But now that she’d entered the room, she felt nothing but fear. It seemed the whole purpose of the chamber was to make her afraid, and that made her a little dizzy. The machine screamed and shook, and as the screaming died down it seemed to become less frantic. The scream seemed to go on for longer and it was possible she was going to die before the machine was able to reboot.

The third person stood out like a sore thumb. She looked like you wouldn’t believe this, but this person had not been able to escape the deathtrap. It was still dark within the room, but it was now dimmer and more focused. She seemed to have lost her sense of colour, and the blood of the machine was a dull brown. She was dressed in a white jacket, and white trousers. Some of them were torn, and the fabric had been ripped through.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pixabay

It took a moment for them to realize that they were all the same person, and they were Death. They knew what they had to do to restore the machine.

There was no time to regret. The machine would restart soon enough.

Horror Science Fiction Short Stories

Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E01 – SCP-682

Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the first episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-682, a right feisty croc’.

A metal catwalk with handrails overlooks a large containment cell. Slow breathing can be heard in the distance.

STEVE IRWIN: This isn’t a normal containment cell. It’s a containment chamber.


A creature is being prepared for firing by a pair of guards. Their hands are outstretched with a pistol as the creature’s tail moves to the edge of the cell, its head turning up to face them.

STEVE IRWIN: Oh god, we have to get it out, before it takes us all the way down here. But why? What is that thing? Oh my God. We can’t leave it here. If we can take any more of this shit, we’ll never get out!

This is Steve Irwin. Please help me.


The first two guards have begun firing their pistols into each other. But before they can aim, they are struck by an explosive bolt of light, and a small chunk of flesh falls away, dropping to the ground next to them.

STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Oh god, oh god, oh god! I could feel the bullet through my skull!


Two guards and a female guard emerge from the elevator and look around. They both move forward without looking at the camera, moving forward towards the open doors. A second group, armed with a large pistol and armed to the teeth, enters the room behind them, closing in on the other two guards.

Horror News

Chtulhu Widening Lead In 2020 Presidential Election

Polling data is showing Cthulhu with a clear lead over the other candidates, leading to accusations of voter tampering. Still, Cthulhu is a highly polarizing candidate, with polling showing a cult-like approval and existential dread as the most common sentiment reported by those polled with very little in between the two. Some election officials are starting to question Cthulhu’s campaign promise to “get inside the mind of voters” in light of this new polling data.

One poll suggested the Democratic candidate might not have been too far off the mark, at least in part. (And we may want to think twice about our own perceptions of Lovecraft.) (Note to readers: This article contains spoilers.)

What’s the point of polling if it has nothing to do with the election results? It could indicate whether or not Cthulhu is gaining ground among Republicans, or whether the Democratic candidate might actually be getting more votes than she had hoped. If she wins the election on Nov. 8, what will the pollsters say, and how will this affect the way we vote?

Polling is a part of this election season, so let’s give the data some credit. The polling numbers are showing Cthulhu with a real-world lead, in large part because most people who voted in the primary didn’t know she was running as a Republican and had no idea of her affiliation. There was much ado in the election over whether Clinton’s lead would be bigger than the Obama one in the general, and many Republicans and independents had already given up on the party to run as a candidate. But polls show some evidence that she actually did just that.

What this data says is that there is something really resonant about Lovecraft’s ideas, and in particular how those themes run counter to the idea that the United States has always been ruled by white men. For instance, when we read Lovecraft’s tales as a child, there were a lot darker themes to consider than what we might think today.


It’s been suggested that the Cthulhu Mythos has a direct influence on the way people feel about politics. We’ve seen that some Republican primary voters have begun to reject the idea of Donald Trump as a Republican nominee, as well as those who are not voting Democrat in the primary. Some have even argued that Cthulhu could have helped to keep Trump out of office, which would be a pretty interesting story for Lovecraft to tell.

Cthulhu is certainly resonating with some voters, and it’s encouraging to know that some of those in the polling are actually listening. But there are still questions. Why Cthulhu? Is there some deep connection between Cthulhu — his Cthulhu Mythos — and what we feel about the world of politics and power that the United States has come to inhabit since the days of our founding? Or is Cthulhu just a weird fantasy created by a guy who writes his stories in the margins of an obscure, weirdly influential book he’s never read?

Horror Short Stories

The Sea Is a Place of Death

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.

The world looks like it might be sinking into despair.
The ocean has become as black as black holes.

A young couple are walking on an endless sea without water, as the ocean waves up and down their shoulders and backs.

The water is as black as death,
as the sea has been as black as darkness.

The young girl has a smile on her face,
and the boy has a smile on his face,
as they look out over the ocean.

They see a world in a nightmare,
that is as black as death.

“You should be afraid!
You should be afraid!
You should be afraid!
You should be afraid!”

The young girl smiles,
and the boy looks back.

In this world, the sea is a place of death,
as the ocean and the sky is death,
as death is an evil being.

As the sea grows more and more evil,
the world grows more and more evil.

“You’re not scared!
You’re not afraid!
You’re not afraid!”

The boy is scared.
The girl is not scared.
They are both afraid.
They are both scared.
They are both scared.

The world is dying,
the ocean is dying,
the sky is dying,
the sea is dying.

It is a nightmare, a nightmare,
as the sea grows more and more evil,
as death grows more and more evil,
as the world grows more and more evil,
as the sky grows more and more evil.

“We should be afraid of the sky,
of the sun,
of the moon,
of the rain,
of the wind
of the sea!”

Honorable Mention #1

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.  They leave their family and possessions behind and embark on a journey across the Pacific, hoping to find a way home.

What if this were the only way out? Would this be worth it to them, to the world? The story begins with the narrator, a young boy named Toshiya, who is orphaned and raised by his family, who has no friends, no family or family’s love, just his mother, father and himself. His childhood is filled with tragedy and isolation, the constant threat of being taken away from his family, and being forced to live alone in a small, small world.

As the story unfolds, the characters are torn from the family and put into a life of desperation, trying to survive on their own or to find ways to save their loved ones from disaster. They struggle, and fall into deep despair.

What is it about the Pacific that makes people desperate and driven into the sea? The answer can only be found in the fact that we all have a connection with sea water that permeates us. The water is our connection to a place. The water is also our connection to ourselves, to the world around us. The water is our connection to what it’s like to be alone on these islands and to a place that is always there, never there. Sea water is an anchor in our minds when we look at the earth from space.

In the story, the narrator must navigate through the sea in order to survive, and the journey is not easy. In a sea of people who have no idea of where they are going, the story is filled with many choices to make, and it is not always easy.

The story of this film is an exploration of what it takes to survive, and to be able to survive, in a world that seems to be dying, and that is filled with death. It is a story about the human condition, about the nature of the human condition, and how we can all be saved

Honorable Mention #2

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.  They land on the beach and decide to stay for a month at the mercy of the waves. They are joined by a young girl, with a strong belief in their abilities. The islanders decide to call it home and the crew begins to build a settlement on the shore of the sea.  A small island is quickly built, surrounded by buildings and roads which lead to another small island. The islanders build their own houses, and a village to their west which is now populated by a new population of zombies.

After a while, the residents of the small village come to their senses enough to decide to make a move on the small island. They build a fort on the beach, and build a boat with a wooden roof. They decide to build a fort of their own.  A man and his daughter decide to go to the beach to watch over the fort.  After a while, the two decide to go back to their village.  After all, the two have been living on the beach for 100 years.

The two families live on the small island, with their two children and their wives living in the village.  There is only one house on the island, which they decide to live in as a family, but their family has grown in size.  The house is a large, modern house with a kitchen, living quarters, and storage area. They decide to move to the house in the middle of the jungle.

The family starts to grow in size, until the family is almost too large to fit into the jungle.  One of the men goes out and finds another woman.  She is pregnant with their second child.  She goes to see him and tells him about her pregnancy, and that she is pregnant with her first child too.  He decides to take the baby to the hospital, and the two parents agree to take the baby and the woman to live with him. The two parents decide to

Rejected Run #1

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. ___________________________________________________________

The crew: 1-4

Characters: 5-8

Narrative: 9-13

Rating: A+

The characters are very well done and the setting is fascinating. The story starts at the beginning of the world when you are very young and is told from the perspective of the main character (a girl) and her family, who live in the island where you are. The world and the world around them are very different from those of the mainland. The sea around this islands are covered with sand. The land is rocky and barren. The island of Serenia has a lot of wildlife. In the center of the island one can find a town called “Cairo”. The village has a big lighthouse and a large lake. The main character, Katerina, has been given a strange gift: a boat that lets her explore the entire world. It is very dangerous and requires the help of a young sailor named “Nosferatu”. She needs to find out the story of a woman, Katerina, who has lived in the town for some years. The story is told mainly in flashback, in which it is possible to observe a little about the history of this island. The main character is very good at telling a lot of story. The story has many twists but there is no sense of closure. There is a lot of action, a lot of action scenes. The characters are very good and the action scenes are quite memorable. This series is very enjoyable and it has some really great characters. The writing is not very good. The narration is very poor. The characters are very well done. There is a little bit of romance but the story was very boring for my taste. It was a little too easy to be immersed in the story, and I did not feel any real connection with the characters, who are very well done. Overall, I would say that this is a very good read for people who enjoy stories about people who are in danger.

Rejected Run #2

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.  But the ship has been lost in the middle of the ocean. 

The story starts off with a boy named Harry being told by his Uncle, a former pirate captain from a long time ago, that their ship was captured by the undead. This tells us the origin of the pirate crew that went to a certain island and made their way up to this island. 

We are told of the crew who are called the “Sea God” and are known as the “Doom Kings”. They are said to inhabit the deep ocean. It is said if they go to the island that the people of the island are afraid of them. The island is said to be very mysterious and dark as well as being where the soul of a deceased person lives. We are also shown that the island has no living members. This is a clue that something is going on in the sea. But why would the dead people of this island disappear? We learn that they have been driven into this dark abyss and now they must escape from it.

There are some great scenes with the main characters, Harry and his friends as they attempt to escape the island. There are many scenes that have some amazing special effects. The crew goes on an adventure and they get their first glimpse of a mysterious dark sea that is the sea of the dead. And then Harry, his friends, the crew and the ghostly ship all get together and attempt to make it to shore. We are told that the boat they are on has been sunk but they have found a way up to this island and that is the beginning to the story.

The story is not as much fun as it is scary. The first few scenes are just as much as you expect, there are zombies, skeletons, zombies and skeletons. The story is not very well written. It starts to feel like a horror movie. The story starts off with a lot of action, and then it gets very dark and disturbing. 

Overall, this is an

Rejected Run #3

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. ~~(Drawn by the Eye of Agamotto, by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart) “You are no stranger. You may have fought on my side. Maybe you have fought for humanity. Maybe you have fought against the undead and I have not seen you. But I’ve seen you before. When I look into the eyes of the dead, you will not leave. I have never seen more of you.” ~The Last Witch of Iz, to an unnamed vampire that died before the battle (Drawn by Dave Stewart) ~~(Drawn by David Stewart) “The Witch of Iz is back again! He’s back! He’s back again! Now that we all have the power of the Eye of Agamotto, he’ll come to kill our enemies and then he’ll return in a new form of flesh! And then what happens? You die of a heart attack and he kills you!” ~The Last Witch of Iz, to the witch that killed her family and her husband (Drawn by David Stewart) ~~(Drawn by Dave Stewart) And now it’s your turn! The Last Witch of Iz has given us a glimpse into the fate of humanity. The witch has given us a taste of death as we stand before the final door of our own future, but there is another door open to our future. The last witch of Iz has been summoned by the Lord to destroy mankind from within as we stand before that final exit. And you are the chosen one… The Last Witch of Iz has been granted the power to destroy humanity as we stand before the final door of our own future. You, the one who will save the world. But there is more than death in store for you, the Chosen One. The last Witch of Iz has given us a glimpse into the fate of humanity. There is another door open to the future. The witch has given us a taste of death as we stand before that final door. But what awaits us

Rejected Run #4

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.  This is the story of a girl whose life is thrown into disarray when she joins a band of survivors after her husband has been killed.

Tiny and young, Tiny is a girl who believes she has always had the power to change the world…and she’s not the only one. She and her friends are determined to save a beautiful girl who wants to become…a warrior.

When I wrote the first book I was really nervous about the book. I’d heard so much about how to write a romance and I was nervous to do any of my own, because writing a romance is so different. I knew a lot of other writers had been through this before and had done it well, but I had never been able to tell a romance story. I wanted to tell a story that was simple, and yet I knew I needed the support and inspiration to push myself and the characters to their limits. So I wrote the first story about 10 years after the first one, and when the book came out, it sold out instantly. That’s when I realized that I could make this work, that I wasn’t just going to write the book of my dreams, I was going to do it. I started writing, and the book went on to sell out immediately, and I was able to get the second book out the same year.

I’m very proud of the writing on Tiny. It’s very different than most romance stories and I feel like it was a good choice to make it different. I’m proud of how the characters are developed. The characters are so realistic I can’t imagine them being anything else.

I’m proud of the writing on Tiny. I’m proud of the characters. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The writing is very realistic. The

Rejected Run #5

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

(A) Aboard the boat: _________ ______________

(B) The captain: _________

The crew: _________ ____________

The boatman: _________

A man who knows the sea best: _________ _____________

(C) The captain (from left to right): ___________________________________________________________

The ship: ___________

A sea creature: ___________________________

A sea monster who knows how to talk: ___________________________ _________________________ __________________________________________

This game has no special graphics, except for the character sprites. I have included two different versions of each of the characters, the player character and the ship’s captain. I’ve placed them in the same folder as the text files, because that’s what I think most people are going to want to use for their own games. If you prefer, I can also include the player’s name in each file, because the letters are pretty self-explanatory. I have not tried to include an alternate ship or crew name, because the names in these files are not very good. I hope this helps you find the right names for your game. The game is based on a simple, 2D adventure game called The Last Man On Earth. The first thing you need to do is create a blank file, called “game.txt”. I have put it in an empty folder, because I have not tested the game with any other files yet, and the game should run fine without any files. If the file contains any files, it will be copied to the game directory. You can save your game and then load it up, and it will work. If you are playing on a computer or tablet and you want to make the game playable on the other devices, you’ll need to make sure that you are using the correct version of Adobe Flash Player, and also that you use the proper graphics drivers.

Rejected Run #6

Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land.  One by one they make their way to shore, only to have the ship sink and kill all on board. The survivors survive and find themselves in a very small island. They soon find themselves with few supplies, with no food, no fire, no water. And it is there they are hunted to extinction by the undead as the world collapses around them.

The plot takes place around 20 years ago. It is an early post apocalyptic setting. The story focuses on the survivors as they find themselves without food, water, and shelter for the entire year. Each individual has to fight for survival. There are no monsters, no evil people, no supernatural forces. Just ordinary people who are faced with very simple problems. They fight to try to find food, shelter, shelter. And for survival they have to rely on their own strength as they fight for every moment in order to survive and make it to shore. It is very simple to follow. There are no major decisions. You simply have to figure out and survive as many days as you can.

The first half of the novel takes place in the fictional island of Agrarian. Agrarian is an island that is in the middle of a very harsh ocean with very little land in the immediate vicinity.

I will start off by saying that the story is very much about the people of Agrarian (as opposed to the supernatural). The story is very much centered around the story of each individual person, their struggles as they attempt to survive. The story does not take you into the afterlife. The characters do not come to an afterlife where they meet up with a god, or have an afterlife where they can talk to God. They have to live through this world in order to try and survive. This makes the story very different from most other post apocalyptic stories.

There is no supernatural element. The world is not overrun by zombies. There are no evil people in the world. There is not a great evil force trying to

Horror Short Stories

The Great War of The Undead Old Gods

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The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides. But they knew what they would do with the dead. And in this way they had their vengeance on the men. The earth trembled with the voices of the dead. There was a great clamor in the villages and towns across the empire:

“The Great War! The terrible wars of the gods in the skies, the bloody battles! The war of ages!”

But what did all this have to do with the men? The men knew not the great deeds they would be fighting for, and the war had its causes. When there was no enemy there was no need to be a fighting God. But what was there to know? What would they gain, what would they lose? The great armies of men who had fought on their own behalf had to wait for their return. So there came a time of rest and quiet. Then they saw the glory of the dead. And when the spirits of the dead began to rise up the men had no fear and no need in fighting for gods and for glory. But there was a terrible curse. In that period of time the people of earth began to become more savage and more vicious. There were wars for food and for war; for women and for men; and it was all very bloody and cruel. They would fight for the dead, but the people were afraid of the dead. Then a great war was fought.

“War! War! The Great War! The war against the dead! The Great War!”

And so the men fought with their own souls as the men fought for glory. There was a great war.

And when the dead had fallen the Great War had begun. There had been war before, but not this great. And now the men had no more fear of the dead than the men had of their own souls. But the war was not over yet.

“The Great War, the war between gods, the war against the dead!”

Rejected Run #1

The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides.

The war was won, for a time, but the war was not lost; the war is not won. And it was not lost for the old gods alone, for all of mankind had something left to be lost. The war was won because men came together to find the answers of the great questions that had haunted them through the millennia, and the secrets to be found therein. The war was won in order to keep the peace of the realm as a whole; it was won to preserve the very fabric of the Realm and its laws upon which it was founded. But in the end, it was all but over. For all who died, all who were slain, for all who were wounded and all who were lost, the peace came to an end, and in the aftermath of the war, in the aftermath of the Great War, mankind’s greatest challenge was put to rest, and that is why mankind, the first generation of man that ever fought in this very war, is the only true victors in the end.

A young man in the war zone in the distant future stands in front of a monument of an ancient god, an ancient god that is said to be the ancestor of gods. His face looks familiar. It could be that he is the ancestor of the gods that were destroyed during the Great War; that his face, the one from the battle, is also the one from that battle.

The young man looks at the monument as he stands at the front, and he sees his ancestor’s face in the monument. He smiles at his ancestor as he turns towards the young man, and he looks up to see his ancestor’s face as the young man turns back to him, and he looks down at his ancestor’s face.

The young man looks back at the monument, and he sees his ancestor’s face again, as he smiles. And he smiles even further. And he smiles even more.

He turns back to his ancestor, who

Rejected Run #2

The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides.

A few years ago we saw this play, which had a lot of the old-world elements. The war was over. The Great War was over and the war ended. The gods were still in conflict and they had their own wars on, but there was still the war.

Now, we’re starting to see a new kind of war in the form of the Horus Heresy, a conflict between the Imperium and the rebellious forces on the other side of the warp. In the Horus Heresy it was the Imperium of Man that tried to stop the war. This was the first time that the world’s gods were involved in this sort of thing and, in the Horus Heresy, we see how the war was fought. The gods fought with a mixture of force and treachery, but they were not completely without support, and they did it with such great success that the war itself was a disaster. It was only by the aid of the gods that humanity was able to stand on its own two feet after being torn apart by the war.

This was a time of great suffering and the Imperium was torn apart. The Great War was finally put to an end, but humanity has never been the same after this event. There have only been the scars of the conflict and the memories of those who fought it, of those that were killed, and those who lost their lives.

The Horus Heresy is a very dark place indeed for humanity.

This new Horus Heresy will be the first time that humanity has seen itself as the dominant force against the forces of Chaos, which is the enemy of the Imperium of Man and the gods. The Imperium of Man, for its part, is now trying to build itself up, to build itself up in the light of the light of the gods. The Horus Heresy is an event which has the power to reshape the Imperium of Man and the gods.

The Horus Heresy is also the beginning of

Short Stories

There Is A Chill In The Air

There’s a chill in the air as you meet your sisters in the clearing at Hollow Creek. You exchange the traditional mulled cider, light the sacred spice candles, and form a circle to speak the ancient words. Tonight, you all have business to attend to.

As you meet each other in the circle you have a feeling that you’ve come to a common conclusion. The words speak directly to you, the words are ancient, the words speak of truthfulness. We’re on the path to understanding, and the truth is within us all.

After the circle has been formed you begin to walk together over the mountains to get to the river where the ancient stone circles still lie, hidden beneath the thickets of the forest. The river is still there; it is still there, and there should be a path to follow.

“Walking the path to the river, you will learn of a new thing that will help you along the way,” says an old woman who appears to be in her fifties. She is wearing white-and-blue clothing, her black hair is loose and wild, and a pair of red-and-gold shoes stand out. She is holding a red-and-gold cauldron from which strange dark liquid flows.

It is cold.

“Some of the stones are very hard,” you say. “It is not safe for any person to walk around here in the dark like this.”

“It has nothing to do with the stones,” says the old woman as you walk along. “They were created to help people heal. If you are truly good, they will be a source of power, healing for your family and your friends. But this is the wrong way to go. We should be healing the stone circles themselves, not the water from the circle.”

When the ancient stone circles are gone, the old woman will offer you the cauldron.

You drink the liquid from the cauldron, and the stone circles begin to melt.

Your eyes adjust.

“You have to be brave, young man. If you stay silent, no one will listen.”

Your eyes adjust.

“You must be brave, young man. You do what you must do. No one will listen to you. No one.”

When the old woman’s eyes have adjusted to the dark, you realize that she has been speaking to you for hours. She has been holding back from speaking because you have been keeping quiet, but now that you understand it, it would be better if you did speak now, so they can hear what you really mean.

“You do something wrong.”

The old woman’s eyes are still fixed on the stone circles, but now that you have the understanding that it is your own fault, you begin to smile.

“There is no wrongdoing. If you do what you must do, you will see the right way. There is no wrongdoing. If the circles are good to you now, the stones will be good to you in the future. The stones will be good to you, because they were created to help people heal. The stone circles are good to the people of the land now, because they were created to help people heal. The stone circles are good, because they were made to honor those who helped people heal, and for the people who helped heal the stone circles were good, it is good that they are good, because it is good that they heal.”

The stone circles disappear, and they have disappeared into nothingness.

It is dark out, and a strange sense of calm surrounds you.

You look into her eyes. In that moment, as her eyes investigated yours, the truth of your situation becomes undeniable. You cannot tell from her expression, but you are sure that your own mind is in complete control of your decision to speak. You will make your decision as your own mind allows it. Your emotions will not get in the way of your decision, your will. You shall walk the path to the water and heal the stone circles yourself before the old woman sees that you are on your own path.

The old woman walks away from you in fear and silence.

You feel a sudden urge to cry; you feel as if you might cry at any time. This woman in your life did not want you to speak; she did not want you to walk along the path that had opened between them and you.

Your heart is pounding, and you are beginning to regret what you have done. It is a very small mistake that your heart could have made if it were the right choice. You are angry that you let this old woman into your life and are angry that she does not want to speak to you at the table you have made. You begin to shake as you speak again, anger and sadness mixed into each word you whisper.

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