Horror Short Stories

The Great War of The Undead Old Gods

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The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides. But they knew what they would do with the dead. And in this way they had their vengeance on the men. The earth trembled with the voices of the dead. There was a great clamor in the villages and towns across the empire:

“The Great War! The terrible wars of the gods in the skies, the bloody battles! The war of ages!”

But what did all this have to do with the men? The men knew not the great deeds they would be fighting for, and the war had its causes. When there was no enemy there was no need to be a fighting God. But what was there to know? What would they gain, what would they lose? The great armies of men who had fought on their own behalf had to wait for their return. So there came a time of rest and quiet. Then they saw the glory of the dead. And when the spirits of the dead began to rise up the men had no fear and no need in fighting for gods and for glory. But there was a terrible curse. In that period of time the people of earth began to become more savage and more vicious. There were wars for food and for war; for women and for men; and it was all very bloody and cruel. They would fight for the dead, but the people were afraid of the dead. Then a great war was fought.

“War! War! The Great War! The war against the dead! The Great War!”

And so the men fought with their own souls as the men fought for glory. There was a great war.

And when the dead had fallen the Great War had begun. There had been war before, but not this great. And now the men had no more fear of the dead than the men had of their own souls. But the war was not over yet.

“The Great War, the war between gods, the war against the dead!”

Rejected Run #1

The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides.

The war was won, for a time, but the war was not lost; the war is not won. And it was not lost for the old gods alone, for all of mankind had something left to be lost. The war was won because men came together to find the answers of the great questions that had haunted them through the millennia, and the secrets to be found therein. The war was won in order to keep the peace of the realm as a whole; it was won to preserve the very fabric of the Realm and its laws upon which it was founded. But in the end, it was all but over. For all who died, all who were slain, for all who were wounded and all who were lost, the peace came to an end, and in the aftermath of the war, in the aftermath of the Great War, mankind’s greatest challenge was put to rest, and that is why mankind, the first generation of man that ever fought in this very war, is the only true victors in the end.

A young man in the war zone in the distant future stands in front of a monument of an ancient god, an ancient god that is said to be the ancestor of gods. His face looks familiar. It could be that he is the ancestor of the gods that were destroyed during the Great War; that his face, the one from the battle, is also the one from that battle.

The young man looks at the monument as he stands at the front, and he sees his ancestor’s face in the monument. He smiles at his ancestor as he turns towards the young man, and he looks up to see his ancestor’s face as the young man turns back to him, and he looks down at his ancestor’s face.

The young man looks back at the monument, and he sees his ancestor’s face again, as he smiles. And he smiles even further. And he smiles even more.

He turns back to his ancestor, who

Rejected Run #2

The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones of the old gods buried deep were exposed to mankind once again the rose from their slumber. At first the gods were confused, angry. Then, they picked sides.

A few years ago we saw this play, which had a lot of the old-world elements. The war was over. The Great War was over and the war ended. The gods were still in conflict and they had their own wars on, but there was still the war.

Now, we’re starting to see a new kind of war in the form of the Horus Heresy, a conflict between the Imperium and the rebellious forces on the other side of the warp. In the Horus Heresy it was the Imperium of Man that tried to stop the war. This was the first time that the world’s gods were involved in this sort of thing and, in the Horus Heresy, we see how the war was fought. The gods fought with a mixture of force and treachery, but they were not completely without support, and they did it with such great success that the war itself was a disaster. It was only by the aid of the gods that humanity was able to stand on its own two feet after being torn apart by the war.

This was a time of great suffering and the Imperium was torn apart. The Great War was finally put to an end, but humanity has never been the same after this event. There have only been the scars of the conflict and the memories of those who fought it, of those that were killed, and those who lost their lives.

The Horus Heresy is a very dark place indeed for humanity.

This new Horus Heresy will be the first time that humanity has seen itself as the dominant force against the forces of Chaos, which is the enemy of the Imperium of Man and the gods. The Imperium of Man, for its part, is now trying to build itself up, to build itself up in the light of the light of the gods. The Horus Heresy is an event which has the power to reshape the Imperium of Man and the gods.

The Horus Heresy is also the beginning of

Short Stories

There Is A Chill In The Air

There’s a chill in the air as you meet your sisters in the clearing at Hollow Creek. You exchange the traditional mulled cider, light the sacred spice candles, and form a circle to speak the ancient words. Tonight, you all have business to attend to.

As you meet each other in the circle you have a feeling that you’ve come to a common conclusion. The words speak directly to you, the words are ancient, the words speak of truthfulness. We’re on the path to understanding, and the truth is within us all.

After the circle has been formed you begin to walk together over the mountains to get to the river where the ancient stone circles still lie, hidden beneath the thickets of the forest. The river is still there; it is still there, and there should be a path to follow.

“Walking the path to the river, you will learn of a new thing that will help you along the way,” says an old woman who appears to be in her fifties. She is wearing white-and-blue clothing, her black hair is loose and wild, and a pair of red-and-gold shoes stand out. She is holding a red-and-gold cauldron from which strange dark liquid flows.

It is cold.

“Some of the stones are very hard,” you say. “It is not safe for any person to walk around here in the dark like this.”

“It has nothing to do with the stones,” says the old woman as you walk along. “They were created to help people heal. If you are truly good, they will be a source of power, healing for your family and your friends. But this is the wrong way to go. We should be healing the stone circles themselves, not the water from the circle.”

When the ancient stone circles are gone, the old woman will offer you the cauldron.

You drink the liquid from the cauldron, and the stone circles begin to melt.

Your eyes adjust.

“You have to be brave, young man. If you stay silent, no one will listen.”

Your eyes adjust.

“You must be brave, young man. You do what you must do. No one will listen to you. No one.”

When the old woman’s eyes have adjusted to the dark, you realize that she has been speaking to you for hours. She has been holding back from speaking because you have been keeping quiet, but now that you understand it, it would be better if you did speak now, so they can hear what you really mean.

“You do something wrong.”

The old woman’s eyes are still fixed on the stone circles, but now that you have the understanding that it is your own fault, you begin to smile.

“There is no wrongdoing. If you do what you must do, you will see the right way. There is no wrongdoing. If the circles are good to you now, the stones will be good to you in the future. The stones will be good to you, because they were created to help people heal. The stone circles are good to the people of the land now, because they were created to help people heal. The stone circles are good, because they were made to honor those who helped people heal, and for the people who helped heal the stone circles were good, it is good that they are good, because it is good that they heal.”

The stone circles disappear, and they have disappeared into nothingness.

It is dark out, and a strange sense of calm surrounds you.

You look into her eyes. In that moment, as her eyes investigated yours, the truth of your situation becomes undeniable. You cannot tell from her expression, but you are sure that your own mind is in complete control of your decision to speak. You will make your decision as your own mind allows it. Your emotions will not get in the way of your decision, your will. You shall walk the path to the water and heal the stone circles yourself before the old woman sees that you are on your own path.

The old woman walks away from you in fear and silence.

You feel a sudden urge to cry; you feel as if you might cry at any time. This woman in your life did not want you to speak; she did not want you to walk along the path that had opened between them and you.

Your heart is pounding, and you are beginning to regret what you have done. It is a very small mistake that your heart could have made if it were the right choice. You are angry that you let this old woman into your life and are angry that she does not want to speak to you at the table you have made. You begin to shake as you speak again, anger and sadness mixed into each word you whisper.

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