One Bright Day, In the Middle of the Night, I Go

simonwijers on Pixabay
Photo by simonwijers on Pixabay

You and your friend go out one day. He disappears in the dark forest near the river, you stay there for what feels like an eternity looking for him. Turns out you’re the one who died. The next night, the sun rises high again, the moon sets again, and your body is no longer moving.… Continue reading One Bright Day, In the Middle of the Night, I Go

Mors Ex Machina

ThomasWolter on Pixabay
Photo by ThomasWolter on Pixabay

The grim reaper has been outdated for hundreds of years. Sure, people still die, but it’s automated now. You’ve enjoyed eternal retirement, but one day you’re told that the machine has been sabotaged. It might be time for death to get old school. The first person was a middle-aged woman who was now in her… Continue reading Mors Ex Machina

The Lord of War’s Voice

The Final Version An unspeakable horror from another dimension stepped out of the portal, wisps of gas rising from the pavement where it made contact.  It was late and the street was mostly empty, a solitary man stood nearby at a bus stop, the only witness to what had happened. A figure stood amidst the… Continue reading The Lord of War’s Voice