Weekend Weather for Dallas-Forth Worth

TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay
Photo by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

DISCLAIMER: #FakeWeather If you don’t like the forecast, just keep reading the next one until you find one you like. Forecast #1 The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the worst ever reported in Dallas. The Dallas Morning News posted a photo of an orange “pitch black” night sky over… Continue reading Weekend Weather for Dallas-Forth Worth

Special Weather Bulletin for Niagara Falls

12019 on Pixabay
Photo by 12019 on Pixabay

The National Weather Service has issued the following special weather bulletin for the Niagara Falls area. “This is a serious weather warning for the area. There has been major rainfall and winds of gusts of 60 mph with dangerous winds to be expected. The danger is still there, but we’ll be able to see through… Continue reading Special Weather Bulletin for Niagara Falls

The Chief of Security

Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay
Photo by Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay

For this I started with the reddit writing prompt below and got some great lines the first time through. The first paragraph is a little awkward, but the second paragraph paints a very specific picture and does it with few words. None of the final results were quite good enough to post in response to… Continue reading The Chief of Security

The Season of the Pants

Weather Forecast

Tomorrow’s forecast is for snow and a lot of freezing rain, so it seems a bit more like the season of “The Snowman” and the season of the “Pants” for our area. In addition to snow and rain, we will also be getting some wind. It will not be the windiest of months, but there… Continue reading The Season of the Pants

Weekend Beach Weather Forecast


DISCLAIMER: Not a real weather forecast. If you’re planning a trip to the beach this weekend, be sure to check out our three day weekend weather forecast. In addition to the rain and thunderstorms we predict this weekend, we are also predicting that a number of beaches and waterways are closed and some areas are… Continue reading Weekend Beach Weather Forecast

Test Subject 1 of 20

Pyscho Shower Scene

This seems like a fairly straightforward prompt, but the program wasn’t able to put together a truly coherent narrative, even if it threw out a few good ideas. Here are the many failed attempts from this evening. The initial prompt is included below but omitted from the individual runs. Runs cut off after approximately 400… Continue reading Test Subject 1 of 20

Soul Mortgage Math

Calculator and Money

The Devil doesn’t offer to buy souls anymore and offers soul mortgages instead. Pay off your loan within thirty years on a fixed rate, and you get your soul back. But if you fall behind, your soul goes into foreclosure, and anyone can buy it. You’ll need to take steps to pay off your loan… Continue reading Soul Mortgage Math

NWS Predicts Bizarrely Aggressive Snowstorms, Recommends Locking Car Doors


DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual forecast from the National Weather Service. This is intended for entertainment purposes only. The National Weather Service forecast for tomorrow is expected to be less severe than Monday’s forecast. This will likely be the second straight day that the snow-covered area has been without rain. A snowfall of 1… Continue reading NWS Predicts Bizarrely Aggressive Snowstorms, Recommends Locking Car Doors