Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E02 – SCP-098

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[OPENING SEQUENCE] Opening sequence featuring brief glimpses of various SCPs. Many are blurred or completely covered with black redaction boxes. STEVE IRWIN (V.O.): Welcome to the second episode of Crikey! I’m your guide, Steve Irwin. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore some of un-nature’s most mysterious and interesting creatures. Today’s topic SCP-098,… Continue reading Crikey! with Steve Irwin S01E02 – SCP-098

Interdictum Mundum

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“So, wizards and heavy armor divisions, what can go wrong?” Just as they were about to begin their charge forward, the distinct sound of a teleportation could be heard. A group of soldiers rushed towards the noise, but were stopped in their tracks by a shout of “Interdictum Utique Tempus”. An elaborately decorated scroll hung… Continue reading Interdictum Mundum

The Chief of Security

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For this I started with the reddit writing prompt below and got some great lines the first time through. The first paragraph is a little awkward, but the second paragraph paints a very specific picture and does it with few words. None of the final results were quite good enough to post in response to… Continue reading The Chief of Security

Chtulhu Widening Lead In 2020 Presidential Election

I Voted Stickers

Polling data is showing Cthulhu with a clear lead over the other candidates, leading to accusations of voter tampering. Still, Cthulhu is a highly polarizing candidate, with polling showing a cult-like approval and existential dread as the most common sentiment reported by those polled with very little in between the two. Some election officials are… Continue reading Chtulhu Widening Lead In 2020 Presidential Election

I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)

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“I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)” is a song that features lyrics such as “I’m a girl who’s just a baby/And I’m a girl that’s been born/I was born to be a girl” and “My dream is to grow up, but I think I don’t need to… Continue reading I Am A Woman in School (But I Think I Don’t Need To Be)

The Sea Is a Place of Death


Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. The world looks like it might be sinking into despair.The ocean has become as black as black holes. A young couple are walking on an… Continue reading The Sea Is a Place of Death

Test Subject 1 of 20

Pyscho Shower Scene

This seems like a fairly straightforward prompt, but the program wasn’t able to put together a truly coherent narrative, even if it threw out a few good ideas. Here are the many failed attempts from this evening. The initial prompt is included below but omitted from the individual runs. Runs cut off after approximately 400… Continue reading Test Subject 1 of 20

AI vs Human Control

Thus far, everyone smart enough to figure out that an AI is taking over the world has also been smart enough to realize that it’s doing a better job than a human could…  But that doesn’t mean that an AI is infallible.  I think we can probably count on the humans being bad with human-made… Continue reading AI vs Human Control