Three-day Forecast Calls for Vernal Equinox and Sunset

Comfreak on Pixabay
Photo by Comfreak on Pixabay

This weekend’s three-day forecast calls for vernal equinox at 9am this Saturday and then the moon’s full phase ending around 3pm on Sunday, bringing some bright light for the next two and a half days before the sun sets. For the last four decades, this time of year has been one of astronomical interest in… Continue reading Three-day Forecast Calls for Vernal Equinox and Sunset

The Sea Is a Place of Death


Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. The world looks like it might be sinking into despair.The ocean has become as black as black holes. A young couple are walking on an… Continue reading The Sea Is a Place of Death

Weekend Beach Weather Forecast


DISCLAIMER: Not a real weather forecast. If you’re planning a trip to the beach this weekend, be sure to check out our three day weekend weather forecast. In addition to the rain and thunderstorms we predict this weekend, we are also predicting that a number of beaches and waterways are closed and some areas are… Continue reading Weekend Beach Weather Forecast