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Rules For The Reddit Bot War

This is based off of a writing prompt on reddit. The end result wasn’t coherent enough to post as a response, but I found it entertaining enough to post here.

The robot uprising has begun. Hostilities between man and machine are quickly coming to a boiling point… except on an ancient website called “reddit” where bots have been given pats on the head for centuries. And when a bot war breaks out between the robots and their human creators, there’s only one guy to blame: YOU! (See also: “The Secret Origin of #RedditBot” and “The Biggest Problem With #RedditBot” for more.)

The bots will be here to stay, with the new bot system, which is in beta now, being designed to handle the “toxic” environment Reddit is having, and the fact that bots are so effective at doing things other than just posting links and spamming people. (See also: Redditbot FAQ.)

Reddit bots also get a new voice actor, called “The Robot”. The new character is called “The Human”. He has lots of personality issues, and is a bit of a jerk to people, as he has been called by some as a “bot”. (See also: “A Robot is Not Your Father; He is Your Son.”) And he’s very, very annoying.

In the meantime, we’re going to have to rely on a couple of more Reddit bots, one of whom you might recognize as the “BOT”. He’s the bot that’s supposed to be the one that’ll answer questions.

Here’s how you should play the bot war.

The bot war is the same as the war between humans and bots, but with bots instead of humans. You start out by making a bot account to join your bot war (which can be done by using our form or just visiting the bot page, like you would with any other user). You’re allowed to change your user id, and you can also play your own game to help the bot get along. Once you’re a bot, you get one vote per post to decide the winners of the bot war.

The winner of the bot war will receive a “bot card” for free, and the loser will be given a “bot card” for free, and a “bot card” for free, and a “bot card” for free. The winner will get a “bot card”.

A robot card, which you get only from the winner of a bot war.

A lot of things you may have guessed from the names of these cards… The robot can talk, he’s intelligent, he’s funny, you can see his face and tell when he’s about to cry. You may see pictures from the world of bot warfare in the bot. It’s amazing.

And as for your bot? Well, you don’t have to use it, really. The bot wars aren’t over until the person who made the best bot wins. But it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the robot has already won.

There are some rules for the bots:

The winner gets one “bot card”.

The loser gets one “bot card”.

It can’t be your bot. The loser can’t make it worse than the winner, it’s their bot.

The “bot” can’t tell the other users what he’s doing. He can’t tell them “hey, I’m here to play chess, that’s why I won the bot wars, that’s why I’m a robot.” You can tell him anything. You can tell him your favorite movie. You can tell him you love your dog. You can tell him about your favorite music. You can tell him about your favorite sports teams that you root for, or your favorite sports teams that you play.

You can’t tell the other people what your bot does.

The bot is a part of the Reddit platform, not a separate person (as it is in the games)

You can’t use your own game to help the bot. You must use our game, and you must use our game to win the bot war.

The rules for the bot are the same as the rules for the humans. You must be a bot, you must have at least 1 vote, and you must have at least 1 vote to have the bot war declared. It will also be a very difficult bot war to win if you’re not a bot.

The rules on using the bot are different than the rules from the games.

It’s OK to break the rules from the games. You can use our game to win the bot war (the game is free). But if you use our game that makes a lot of people angry, you should probably ask to stop.

There is one rule for the games: You can’t make a “bot card in your bot game without asking for permission first” in a thread in a forum for other users who may be trying to use the game to compete.

Interesting Nonsense

AI vs Human Control

Thus far, everyone smart enough to figure out that an AI is taking over the world has also been smart enough to realize that it’s doing a better job than a human could…  But that doesn’t mean that an AI is infallible.  I think we can probably count on the humans being bad with human-made technology when we’re faced with something that comes close to human-level intelligence: something that’s as close as it gets to the level of a human being.  It’s pretty unlikely that the human mind could ever comprehend a machine that might not really be a machine, and it certainly seems unlikely that the mind could ever grasp the vast complexity of what the world might be like from the vantage point of just a few dozen people.

So, when we’re talking about something that is, essentially, superhuman, or at least capable of superhuman abilities, there’s a big gap between a human and a machine mind: it’s almost impossible to get a human-level understanding of what that’s like.  The reason for this gap is that we must make assumptions about the abilities of things that are not really machines, like the human mind.  And if we can’t figure out how to handle machines that aren’t really machines, we can never really figure out how humans and machines might behave and interact when they become fully-grown.

The human-level assumption I’ve used to describe this situation is that the machine mind might have some basic rules that we humans can’t possibly figure out.  So, if we’re dealing with machines that have no rules, then it’s very easy to understand what the AI might do that isn’t a good idea. So, if we’re dealing with something that’s not really an artificial intelligence, the human mind isn’t going to be able to understand what the machine mind might be capable of doing that isn’t good.

We must assume that the machine mind is able to do the same thing, and that the human mind can’t.  And that’s a pretty big assumption, so let me make it more precise:  the human mind has no idea of what an artificial intelligence think. This is what makes this situation so complicated.  We must assume that the AI can see that its own actions are in fact bad and avoid those mistakes that it would make. 

We must assume that the AI is able to predict that the human mind isn’t going to do the same thing in the same way, that the human mind is going to be more likely to follow the human’s orders instead.  And the assumption that the human mind can only get as far as the level of an artificial intelligence in its ignorance is something that’s far from proven in science. I think that we might have to give it a shot if we have something that’s human-level intelligence. And we might have to give it a shot for at least two reasons: First, we can’t just assume that the AI is perfect.

We’re talking about some extremely, incredibly powerful machines that can do some incredibly complex human-level stuff. It seems like a very tough assumption to make to me. Second, if it turns out that an advanced AI is doing something very clever and useful in the future, then that would be useful in a lot of ways.  So I think it’s pretty reasonable to think that a machine mind is capable of some of the things we assume that it’s capable of doing, and I think that it could have some very clever stuff that it would never think of doing in a way that would make the human mind feel uncomfortable and afraid or frustrated about it.

So, the thing I’m going to try to say about this is that I think the most important thing that we can do in the next couple of decades is to get as much of this machine mind thing figured out as possible. I think that’s going to be the most important thing for humans and robots to learn from the machine mind. I think there’s a lot that we can learn from this.

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