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Chtulhu Widening Lead In 2020 Presidential Election

Polling data is showing Cthulhu with a clear lead over the other candidates, leading to accusations of voter tampering. Still, Cthulhu is a highly polarizing candidate, with polling showing a cult-like approval and existential dread as the most common sentiment reported by those polled with very little in between the two. Some election officials are starting to question Cthulhu’s campaign promise to “get inside the mind of voters” in light of this new polling data.

One poll suggested the Democratic candidate might not have been too far off the mark, at least in part. (And we may want to think twice about our own perceptions of Lovecraft.) (Note to readers: This article contains spoilers.)

What’s the point of polling if it has nothing to do with the election results? It could indicate whether or not Cthulhu is gaining ground among Republicans, or whether the Democratic candidate might actually be getting more votes than she had hoped. If she wins the election on Nov. 8, what will the pollsters say, and how will this affect the way we vote?

Polling is a part of this election season, so let’s give the data some credit. The polling numbers are showing Cthulhu with a real-world lead, in large part because most people who voted in the primary didn’t know she was running as a Republican and had no idea of her affiliation. There was much ado in the election over whether Clinton’s lead would be bigger than the Obama one in the general, and many Republicans and independents had already given up on the party to run as a candidate. But polls show some evidence that she actually did just that.

What this data says is that there is something really resonant about Lovecraft’s ideas, and in particular how those themes run counter to the idea that the United States has always been ruled by white men. For instance, when we read Lovecraft’s tales as a child, there were a lot darker themes to consider than what we might think today.


It’s been suggested that the Cthulhu Mythos has a direct influence on the way people feel about politics. We’ve seen that some Republican primary voters have begun to reject the idea of Donald Trump as a Republican nominee, as well as those who are not voting Democrat in the primary. Some have even argued that Cthulhu could have helped to keep Trump out of office, which would be a pretty interesting story for Lovecraft to tell.

Cthulhu is certainly resonating with some voters, and it’s encouraging to know that some of those in the polling are actually listening. But there are still questions. Why Cthulhu? Is there some deep connection between Cthulhu — his Cthulhu Mythos — and what we feel about the world of politics and power that the United States has come to inhabit since the days of our founding? Or is Cthulhu just a weird fantasy created by a guy who writes his stories in the margins of an obscure, weirdly influential book he’s never read?

Weather Forecasts

The Season of the Pants

Tomorrow’s forecast is for snow and a lot of freezing rain, so it seems a bit more like the season of “The Snowman” and the season of the “Pants” for our area.

In addition to snow and rain, we will also be getting some wind. It will not be the windiest of months, but there will be wind gusts over 15 to 20 mph. So while the forecast for our area is looking good, you might want to look for some wind chill.

What do I need for today’s forecast?

Weather forecasts are a bit complicated, so here are the details for today’s forecast:

Snow: 8-15 inches

Wind: 14-21 mph

Rain: 6-12 inches

Cloud Cover: 6-12 inches

Snow Depth: 3+ inches

What kind of conditions do I need to be prepared for?

The forecast calls for snow and rain, but it’s a bit like the season of “The Snowman” and the season of the “Pants.” It won’t be that cold, but it will get to be very cold, and a lot of people might want to consider a jacket or rain coat for this cold.

What will it be like to drive today? How many hours of driving will it be? When can I expect rain and snowfalls? Will it be cloudy in my car?

Drivers are encouraged to take the opportunity to prepare today’s forecast for the upcoming winter. You can read more on the upcoming weather here.

If you would like to see what the forecast looks like in your area, you can visit our Weather Central page. The forecast will be updated daily throughout the morning, but the forecast will change as the day goes on. So be sure to check back often to see what is going to happen today, and to keep an eye out for the latest forecast.


Spice Up Your Chili Recipe With This Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient in my world famous chili recipe is soy sauce: it’s my secret sauce. I like to give it a little extra zing with the spices.

If you’ve never taken the time to experiment with soy sauce before… or if, like me, you can’t find it on a grocery store shelf, take the plunge with me! It’s amazing.

My first batch of homemade chili was made in just 3 days with soy sauce. Since that time it has been a go-to recipe in my home, kitchen, and on my travels. My customers ask me when I’ve made it at the grocery store. My response? “I just used the store’s stock.”

My next batch is going to use only the best ingredients in store and will be even more flavorful than the first one.

But first things first – don’t over-do it. Here are some of my favorite ingredients in store that I use in my chili recipes.

What Is Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce is a type of vegetable oil that’s derived from soybeans. It is commonly known to be used in soups, stews, chilis, sauces, and many other foods. Some people call soy sauce the “oil of life.” It’s made from the oils found in soybeans, not the water.

Soy sauce may be a little expensive, but you won’t be able to go wrong with homemade chili. If you’re interested in purchasing soy sauce from a store, you have plenty of options.

Soy sauce is a very simple ingredient to make yourself: add some soy sauce to water, heat it up, and stir it around for 30 seconds to 30 minutes or so until the oil is melted and a thick paste is formed.

I love using a blender for easy making (not to mention the added bonus of not having to worry about the soy sauce getting soggy or curdled). Just whisk until smooth, then heat up a pot of water to medium heat and add your mixture.

This recipe makes 4 1/2 cups of oil. (If you make this recipe and want to add a little more oil, feel free! Just use 1 1/2 cups instead – you’ll save money!)

What Are My Other Favorite Ways To Use Soy Sauce?

There are many other uses of soy sauce that I enjoy as well. For instance – I love to use it as a seasoning to season chicken, pork, or beef for sautéing or cooking over the stove top, as well as as in soups. I like to use a little at a time in the sauce to keep it from sticking together. I also like to add it to my favorite sauces for adding heat and flavor to any recipe. For a great list of other uses for soy sauce, check out these other recipes:

The Ultimate Chili Recipe

Soy Sauce, Spices, and Other Additions to My Mexican Chicken

I’ve always loved to make chicken and it was my favorite part of Mexican dinner. My family has cooked with it for decades. I made these chicken and rice noodle recipes years ago and loved it so much, I created my own version that’s just as delicious. The secret ingredient in this recipe is ground chicken.

This is the first of about a dozen recipes that make it easy to throw together and use in your home chili. In fact, this is probably my go to recipe! Just blend the soy sauce to taste until your liquid is thick and creamy. I usually add it just before serving to keep the heat low.

For the chicken and rice noodle recipe that follows, I usually use the same stock as is used for the meat and rice. This means the rice and meat don’t have to be exactly the same size (if there’s any variance, add 1/2 of the same amount of rice or meat instead).

I usually use a little oil in the broth to reduce the amount of sauce that can stick to the chicken. This isn’t always necessary, and if your oil is too hot, add a teaspoon or two of water to bring it back to normal. If you’re using a little more oil than I recommend (about 1/3 of the same, if not more), then simmer the meat for 5 minutes or so to reduce the cooking time.

Soy sauce is a very easy and cost-effective ingredient to make at home that will give your homemade chili that much-needed flavor and kick to it. If you have any ideas for additional uses or ways to use it, please let me know with any questions.

I’ve made it in the past and my customers love it!

My other favorite way to use this is with beans! You can easily make this in the crockpot and freeze it, or cook it in a crock pot over the weekend.

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