The Sea Is a Place of Death


Humanity has been driven into the sea by the undead. 100 years later the boats and ships are sinking more each year. One family makes the desperate choice to land. The world looks like it might be sinking into despair.The ocean has become as black as black holes. A young couple are walking on an… Continue reading The Sea Is a Place of Death

The Great War of The Undead Old Gods


This only took three tries to get something coherent and relevant to the topic that was good enough quality I was OK with posting it to the reddit thread. Here it is… The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones… Continue reading The Great War of The Undead Old Gods

Soul Mortgage Math

Calculator and Money

The Devil doesn’t offer to buy souls anymore and offers soul mortgages instead. Pay off your loan within thirty years on a fixed rate, and you get your soul back. But if you fall behind, your soul goes into foreclosure, and anyone can buy it. You’ll need to take steps to pay off your loan… Continue reading Soul Mortgage Math