Weekend Weather for Dallas-Forth Worth

TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay
Photo by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

DISCLAIMER: #FakeWeather If you don’t like the forecast, just keep reading the next one until you find one you like. Forecast #1 The weekend weather forecast for the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the worst ever reported in Dallas. The Dallas Morning News posted a photo of an orange “pitch black” night sky over… Continue reading Weekend Weather for Dallas-Forth Worth

Toronto Weather “Not Going To Kill Us”

Toronto Weather

DISCLAIMER: #FakeWeather “Tomorrow’s forecast is good,” said Mr. Chahal, who lives in a suburb west of Toronto. “The cold is not going to kill us, and we are just going to have to be very patient.” This time, the sun will show its face on Sunday, with temperatures expected to reach the 30s, the National… Continue reading Toronto Weather “Not Going To Kill Us”

Weather Mooncast


DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual forecast from the National Weather Service. Today the National Weather Service forecast is the moon will be near Earth today. I believe it will rise in the afternoon, setting off a period of very cold conditions on the Earth. This event will be followed with the next moon rise… Continue reading Weather Mooncast