Interdictum Mundum

CQF-avocat on Pixabay
Photo by CQF-avocat on Pixabay

“So, wizards and heavy armor divisions, what can go wrong?” Just as they were about to begin their charge forward, the distinct sound of a teleportation could be heard. A group of soldiers rushed towards the noise, but were stopped in their tracks by a shout of “Interdictum Utique Tempus”. An elaborately decorated scroll hung… Continue reading Interdictum Mundum

The Great War of The Undead Old Gods


This only took three tries to get something coherent and relevant to the topic that was good enough quality I was OK with posting it to the reddit thread. Here it is… The hellish trenches of the Great War were dug rapidly and with very little regard of what came before. So, when the bones… Continue reading The Great War of The Undead Old Gods

Rules For The Reddit Bot War

Robot War

This is based off of a writing prompt on reddit. The end result wasn’t coherent enough to post as a response, but I found it entertaining enough to post here. The robot uprising has begun. Hostilities between man and machine are quickly coming to a boiling point… except on an ancient website called “reddit” where… Continue reading Rules For The Reddit Bot War

The Lord of War’s Voice

The Final Version An unspeakable horror from another dimension stepped out of the portal, wisps of gas rising from the pavement where it made contact.  It was late and the street was mostly empty, a solitary man stood nearby at a bus stop, the only witness to what had happened. A figure stood amidst the… Continue reading The Lord of War’s Voice